Build the Perfect Bar with Glass Fibre Products

Harviglass-Fibre recently worked on a project at Waterloo Station, London. We worked in conjunction with PBH shop fitters, PHB are a local shop fitting business Harviglass-Fibre have worked with them before on various projects for clients such as Corney & Barrow.

Stylish Bar at Waterloo Station

Architectural GRP used to create buildings and kiosks
The aim of this project at Waterloo Station, was to create a stylish bespoke bar that replicated the look of the old steam engine trains, painted steel, rivets & lots of brass, think of the “Flying Scotsman” and you’re on the right track.  Naturally, creating a metallic look from glass fibre isn’t something just anyone can do. Luckily, Harviglass-Fibre have got lots of experience at creating metal effect finishes on GRP mouldings.

On the Waterloo Station project, Harviglass-Fibre part of the process was to create the painted steel effect finish, the roof section and the main bar surround, the blue painted steel looking sections.  PBH Manufactured  the Timber carcasses in smaller section for ease of handling and installation on site. Then Harviglass-Fibre ”over laminated” the carcass’s in a thin GRP glass fibre skin and fixed on some resin cast rivets before applying our gel coat finish. (blue finish).  The rest of the features were then added on site during the installation process.

The Waterloo Station Bar project was turned around in 6 weeks from start to finish and was onsite to coincide with the Olympic Games taking place in London.

GRP Glass Fibre Mouldings

These photos demonstrate the versatility of GRP mouldings. If you are looking for a bespoke installation for your business. Harviglass-Fibre have lots of experience and you can see more examples on the Harviglass-Fibre Website.

Why not enquire as to how Harviglass-Fibre can build the perfect look for your business?

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