A History of Fibreglass & GRP Mouldings

Fibreglass Plane Parts
Fibreglass Plane Parts

For more than 40 years, Harviglass Fibre has been a major innovator in the field of Fibreglass & GRP Mouldings, as the pictures on this page from the 1960’s & 1970’s show.

Fibreglass & GRP Mouldings take off

Even in the early years Harviglass Fibre was involved in important national projects in aviation, construction and power generation. The founders were able to persuade a conservative establishment of the huge advantages of Fibreglass & GRP mouldings over traditional material solutions.

Harviglass Fibre are immensely proud of our history, which at times was beset with technical challenges that had never been previously encountered. Such challenges were hugely fulfilling, achieving innovative solutions that today we take for granted.

Our philosophy since that time, remains unaltered. We embrace change, challenge and the opportunity to penetrate new markets.

Industrial fibreglass housings
Industrial Fibreglass housings

Experts in Fibreglass & GRP Mouldings

We actively seek-out those GRP projects which offer the greatest resistance – and develop solutions, answers, techniques and procedures that advance our customers objectives, improve our skills & further our reputation.

Industrial GRP Casings
Industrial GRP Casings

Harviglass, are still one of the premier manufacturers of Fibreglass & GRP Mouldings in the UK. We still enjoy the challenge of curating bespoke mouldings for our customers.

Whether your sector is agricultural, architectural, retail display, automotive, or even TV and film Harviglass can create fibreglass & GRP mouldings for whatever you need.

Perhaps our greatest achievement, in the volatile industrial environment of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, is simply that we are still here.  Still in business  with the same objectives and attitudes that we set out with back in 1961. Harviglass still believe those values to be just as relevant today.

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