Revolutionary GRP Veterinary Tables

Order a Bespoke Veterinary Table from Harviglass Fibre.
We can make bespoke tables to suit the needs of your Surgery.

    • Any size
    • Durable
    • Portable
    • Can contain drainage fittings
    • Storage options available
    • Easy to clean

Case Study

Veterinary Dentist Turns to GRP
Recently, Harviglass Fibre were approached by local Doctor, David Crossley, an English veterinary who is also a specialist in Veterinary dentistry.  He had a requirement to produce a new veterinary table top that he could primarily perform their dental procedures on. Procedures such as dental scaling & procedures that require water sprays & the lubrication of scalar tips & dental burs.

GRP table supports animals of all sizes

David approached us with his initial design, the top needed to be large enough to take animals of all sizes, whilst be durable & easy to clean for hygiene reasons. We then checked over his initial design to make sure we could manufacture this to his specification, before drawing it up using our 3D CAD, Solidworks.

Vetinary Table

GRP Table Mould

From the plan, we then produced the timber pattern which was an exact replica of David’s table. Then the GRP mould could be manufactured & the products made. David has received two of these tops for his surgery & is really pleased with his product, so much so he’s looking at trying to implement his tops in further surgeries!

Vets Table in place
Lightweight and durable Vets table.
GRP Table for Vets
GRP Table for Vets by Harviglass Fibre

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