GRP Retail Displays

Retail displays are such a functional item, it is easy to stop noticing them over time. Take for example the simple counter top stand. You can find these anywhere from local corner shops to supermarkets and anywhere in between. These display stands serve one purpose, over time they get damaged and fall apart from day to day knocks and as they simply fade into the background they can easily detract from the look and feel of your retail outlet. Inevitably they’ll need replacing sooner rather than later. Using GRP for retail displays can provide a level of versatility and personalisation that is simply unavailable to other solutions. Additionally, GRP is strong, lightweight and with a high flex-rate meaning they can take far more punishment over a longer period of time.

The retail sector requires vast amounts of moulded plastics for retail displays and GRP is the superior choice. When it comes to GRP moulded signs and display stands, Harviglass are the Experts.

Retailers’ need of GRP display stands and signage goes beyond mundane functionality. The retail experience is a visual medium and how a store is styled says a lot about its brand and there are many ways in which GRP can enhance the look and feel of the retail outlet.

Thanks to the versatility of the material and the manufacturing process, Harviglass can offer a range of eye catching designs, colours and finishes, quickly and effectively.

Why use GRP?

Here are a few reasons why GRP moulding by Harviglass is the ideal solution for retail display stands.

  • Lightweight- This makes it easier to transport and store your retail displays which can be particularly useful for outlets with extensive shop fronts.
  • Strong- Pound for pound, GRP can be stronger than steel! Feel safe in the knowledge that Harviglass GRP display stands can easily support large quantities of stock and withstand knocks that the most busy retail environments might provide.
  • Low Maintenance- GRP is resistant to high temperatures, a wide range of chemicals and the elements so they can even be used outdoors!
  • Customisable- there are very few limits on size, shape, colour and finish for GRP mouldings, including textures such as stone and brick-effect.

When considering your next set of retail displays, whether its a simple stand for the counter-top or part of a complex display aimed at showing your product in the best possible light. Remember the versatility, freedom of personalisation and hassle free advantages that GRP Retail displays by Harviglass can provide your business.