GRP Retail Counters for Welsh Show

Harviglass Fibre were approached by Altrincham company ‘Take 1 Scenic Services’  They Had a project which required the creation of 12 GRP counters for the Royal Welsh Show.  Take one gave us a very tight deadline in which to get the counters  built and ready.

GRP Counters by Harviglass

Bespoke GRP Retail counters made to order

After speaking to us it was quickly agreed that this is something Harviglass could manage the project for them. Within 1 week, Take 1 had manufactured a timber master pattern, it was an exact replica of the final product.  They delivered it to our premises in Hyde.  We then took that pattern and build the GRP counter to the specification.  Normally, Harviglass would have built the prototype but Take 1 wanted to undertake this themselves due to the time restriction.

Harviglass then then had 2 weeks to produce a GRP Mould & 12 units of the counters. We built the mould quickly and started work on the GRP display counters. As promised we met the tight deadline set by our customer.

On collection,  the customer expressed their satisfaction, not only with the quality of the items but the service & turn around time. Both companies where in full  agreement that this could be the start of a great working relationship.

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If your company needs bespoke retain counters. Consider contacting Harviglass Fibre. We have the ability to create GRP retail counters of any size and shape.


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