GRP LED Lighting Housing

Led lighting Housing: Will Austin – Harviglass Fibre

Harviglass Fibre were approached by a local lighting company who deal with a range of lighting in an eclectic mix of sectors, primarily leisure retail & commercial.
They were involved on a project where they were required to house an LED lighting strip into a bullnose profile for a retail project.

They decided earlier on in their project that aluminium would not be suitable to create the shape they required to house this strip & that a GRP Led lighting housing would be the solution.



Led Lighting Housing

They approached Harviglass Fibre for the project & asked us if was something we could undertake. Because we are so used to creating bespoke GRP projects  we were only too happy to help. The only issue, as always was time scale! We had less than 4 weeks to manufacture a timber pattern, GRP Mould & the actual units ( 10 off 3 metre lengths & a 90 degree corner).


We set about creating the GRP moulds and then 4 weeks later, the units where delivered to site by Harviglass Fibre & installed by their site team. Our customer & their client expressed their praise on the final products. These GRP products highlight the versatility of using GRP as an alternative to metal.


Another high quality, gloss finish lightweight product was the solution to our customers needs.


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