GRP Headers for Heat Exchangers

Headers for Heat Exchangers

We were approached by a local heat exchanger manufacturer to produce some fibreglass headers, we have manufactured GRP headers previously, but with a slight variation on size.

How Headers Work

Heat Exchangers With Headers
A ‘header’ is part of an assembly on industrial heat exchangers. A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. The media may be separated by a solid wall to prevent mixing or they may be in direct contact.
They are widely used in space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, plants, chemical, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.

The best example of a heat exchanger is found in an internal combustion engine in which a circulating fluid known as engine coolant flows through radiator coils and air flows past the coils, which cools the coolant and heats the incoming air. The headers job is the inlet/outlet element, so basically passing it in as one element & taking it out as another.

GRP Moulding Solution

The units they were producing are to be based in a very corrosive environment so the majority of the system is to be Titanium, but due to the nature & shape of the headers Titanium wasn’t an option as the cost of manufacture wasn’t acceptable, however making the headers from GRP was the perfect solution.

Wooden Mould for GRP Header

For this project we produced a solid timber mould rather than producing a timber pattern & then a GRP mould. This was purely down to cost & the method of manufacture. From this we made 8 header covers (4 pairs), these are designed to withstand 4 bars of pressure, so have been designed to perform at these requirements, so this a much thicker GRP laminate than we traditionally use.GRP Heat Exchangers - Headers

Once the GRP headers where manufactured & fitted out, we agreed to test these headers as part of this contract (not normally something we undertake), but in this instance where willing to assist. The testing involved bolting to headers back to back & testing the pressure up to ‘4 bar’, this pressure had to hold for an hour without leaks.

GRP Headers

GRP headers are a great alternative to metal headers as they offer protection against corrosive elements as well as being a lightweight option in comparison to metal headers.

If your company needs bespoke GRP (Glass reinforced Fibreglass) Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the form or calling on the number above.

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