Glass Fibre Mouldings

If you are looking for a team to create bespoke Glass Fibre Mouldings for you. Harviglass-Fibre, Cheshire, specialise in the development and production of bespoke Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP).

Our glass fibre mouldings are produced by hand-lay, resin-injection, sprayed lamination, resin transfer and vacuum pressing. Harviglass supply Glass Fibre mouldings throughout the UK and Ireland.

We can create a wide range of items, the list really is endless. Just browse this blog and our main website to get a feel for the kind of things that we can create. Here are just a few examples of what we can create.

Fibreglass Retail Display Box
Retail Display Box made from GRP

We can create retail displays. Or Architectural features.

GRP Cupola
GRP Cupola

We can create theatrical props such as the “brick walls” that feature in TV’s Coronation Street. We create large sections of artificial Wall for use on the T.V show. Check out our interactive images.

Coronation Street uses Glass Fibre Mouldings as Props
For more info about Corrie backstage see the brilliant Coronation St Blog.

If you look closely you can see the back window of the rover Return Pub behind our prop wall. On the photo below you can see Audrey’s Hair Salon to the right of one of our prop walls as it receives it’s patterning.  It’s astonishing how realistic they look when painted.

The versatility of Industrial GRP means that it can be used in a wide variety of applications. You may be surprised at the range of uses it has. More commonly known as Fibreglass, we believe that GRP has the potential to meet multiple needs across multiple sectors.

Harviglass work to international ISO 9001 (2008) quality standards. Our work has a pedigree based on such a wide and long experience in fibreglass GRP manufacture and moulding. We use the very latest CAD modelling and moulding production techniques to satisfy and impress an increasing range of customers.

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