Copper & Lead Cupola replaced with GRP Fibreglass Dome

GRP Cupola
Cupola replaced with GRP

Fibreglass Domes & Cuppolas

Harviglass Fibre are experts at creating fibreglass Domes and Cuppolas that will replace old expensive leaky Copper and lead domes. Once in place these GRP domes look identical, serve the same function and cost a fraction of the price.

Fibreglass Dome – Case Study

Straddling Oxford Road and Whitworth Street in Manchester city centre, the massive ‘Palace’ hotel, former home of the Refuge Assurance Society, dominates the skyline. You would never know that this regal building is capped with a Fibreglass Dome.

Fibreglass Domes – Making the impossible possible

Bearing three towers, each with a unique copper sheathed cupola, the owners were aware of the importance of maintaining the quality and style of this popular landmark.

The tallest and most prominent clock tower had been traditionally re-sheathed in copper in the late 1960’s, but the heavy cost and the already obvious signs of rapid degradation prompted them to consider alternatives for the two subordinate cupolas.

Harviglass were initially consulted about the feasibility of moulding a replacement shell, but advised a much quicker, less expensive, yet equally durable, solution by direct application of GRP laminate to the existing copper substrate. This was rapidly completed. and a Fibreglass Cupola was installed.

Cupola replaced with GRP

Although subject to dry weather being guaranteed for the few days of application, this

Fibreglass Domes
Fibreglass Domes

method offers several benefits. The thin wet GRP membrane reproduces the authentic line of the copper sheets beneath. The immensely strong GRP laminate makes an impervious shield against weather, chemical and bird attack, and the genuine ‘verdigris’ colour of weathered copper can be faithfully reproduced.

Furthermore, access is simple as no large sheets of material are required on site and minimal safety scaffolding is sufficient.

The normally smooth GRP finish is deliberately left slightly matt and irregular to allow the laminate to streak and weather authentically within weeks, making it identical to the ‘real’ cupola on the adjacent tower. Lead sheathed roofs can be treated in exactly the same way.  If you need a fibreglass dome or cupola, then call Harviglass today.

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