How to Hide Industrial Wires Effectively

Ever wanted to Hide Industrial Wires Effectively?
Harviglass Fibre can help. Using our Versatile GRP mouldings we can disguise almost anything to be more in keeping with its surroundings.

Recently a customer approached us about producing a shroud to hide & protect their telecommunication systems. They wanted to hide industrial wires inside a conduit that blended into the local area.

This is fairly simple task when using Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP).  Our Customer handed down their specifications, The housing had to be strong, lightweight & simulate the look & feel of wood.

GRP is Strong & Lightweight

GRP & lightweight are inherent properties of GRP. However the wood grain effect is an effect that Harviglass Fibre have to apply in our tooling stage.Template for a GRP Shroud

Fibreglass that looks Like Wood

GRP can have almost any finish applied to it. (Gloss/matt/Satin) the wood texture is applied to the pattern from which we make a mould. This will be replicated on every product produced from the mould. As you can see from the pictures the colour & texture give the illusion of wood grain & help these shrouds blend into rural areas better.

Hide Industrial Wires

Hide Industrial Wires

If you need to hide Industrial Wires or indeed any modern appliance that doesn’t quite fit into it’s surroundings. Contact Harviglass Fibre today.


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