New GRP Tiling

Here at Harviglas Fibre we are always working on a wide range of projects where GRP can be applied.  As well as new projects, we often revisit old concepts to improve and expand our range and product offering.

New GRP Tiling

Recently we have been working on a range of GRP tiles that can be applied in one sheet, a series of smaller sheets.

We have produced prototypes for plain white, ceramic tile effect. As well as the popular glitter effect black tiles like below.

Black Ceramic Effect GRP Tiles

GRP Tiles can be made in a range of finishes.

GRP Panels for Buildings or Retail Display

As well as the smaller ceramic style tiles we have also created a range of panels in a variety of different finished including a metallic effect. The panels are Ideal for a range of uses such as building cladding, modern art installations and retail counters and displays.

GRP Panels from Harviglass Fibre

Combine Panels to create artistic feature walls.

Coloured GRP Panels

In addition to the metallic panels we can also produce the panels in color GRP. The variety of GRP panels that we can deliver is extremely varied, so be sure to call us should you need more detail.

Request a quote for GRP Panels

To get in touch regarding GRP panels simply use the form in the sidebar. We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Will Austin

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