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GRP Cladding – By Will Austin.

GRP Cladding

GRP Cladding is seeing increasing use.

GRP Cladding is a modern way to protect the outside of your buildings. Harviglass Fibre produce a wide range of glass fibre reinforced plastic panels.

These panels, which are cut to your desired size, can be used to clad the outside of your buildings, or even be used indoors. Whether you use them functionally or in an artistic manner is up to you. Harviglass Fibre will create bespoke pieces to suit your needs.

For example, a look at many new public buildings sees the use of coloured cladding panels replacing more traditional building materials.

GRP Cladding Panels for Buildings or Retail Display

As well as the larger outdoor panels, we also make smaller ceramic style tiles. We have recently developed a range of panels in a variety of different colours with a variety of finishes. The panels are ideal for a range of uses such as modern art installations, retail counters and shop displays.

GRP Panels from Harviglass Fibre

Combine Panels to create artistic feature walls.

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