Bespoke Display Cabinets

Bespoke Display Cabinets by Harviglass Fibre
Bespoke Display Cabinets by Harviglass Fibre

Here at Harviglass Fibre we understand the need for Bespoke Display Cabinets.  A wide range of businesses need display cabinets to suit their specialised needs. Whether that be to present stock to potential customers or to display their achievements and awards or to simply draw attention to the inner workings of machinery.

We use Industrial GRP to create our Fibreglass mouldings and we can create almost any bespoke display cabinet that your company might need.

Industrial Display Cabinets

Sometimes your Industrial equipment may need an enclosure.  Whether it be for safety or to help display how the equipment works we can create any type of enclosure needed. Harviglass Fibre have made Industrial Enclosures for over 40 years. As you can see.

Industrial fibreglass housings
Industrial fibreglass housings

Industrial Display Cabinets for Retail

Harviglass fibre can create all kinds of bespoke display cabinets for retail outlets. Our image montage above shows bespoke cabinets for electrical devices such as plasma screens or Interactive touchscreen devices.  Whilst not a cabinet itself, the cladding on the school building does create a bespoke display, and one that is becoming very popular on modern buildings across the country.

The yellow display boxes are just a part of a whole range of displays we created for a shop in Manchester. Toys are displayed both on and in the yellow boxes. Those toys that needed a case to cover them  are accommodated too.

Bespoke Fibreglass Shop Counters

The red counter demonstrates the range of unique shapes that can be created using GRP industrial Glass fibre. So if you are looking for a new and unique counter or a set of bespoke display cabinets, contact Harviglass today.

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